Heartbroken mum tells how she handed her baby to stranger and hasn’t seen either of them for 35 years

A heartbroken mum gave her tiny girl to a strange woman begged to hold her at a bus-stop – then vanished with her infant daughter 35 years ago.
Eleanor Williams, 52, said the woman approached her at a bus station in 1983, asking to hug the tot.
Heartbroken mum tells how she handed her baby to a stranger and hasn’t seen either of them for 35 years Lailasnews
The young mum, then just 18, naively let her take three-month-old April Williams in her arms after she pleaded: ‘please, just for a minute?‘ in a “sweet voice”.
Shortly after the stranger, who called herself Latoya, insisted she take baby to the bathroom to change her, telling Eleanor: “you look exhausted”.
But the woman never came back – and the pair have been missing ever since.
The incident  every parent’s nightmare – took place on December 2 in downtown Washington, as Eleanor ventures away from her Denver home for the first ever time.
Heartbroken Eleanor says she will never forgive herself for the decision that day.

DC Police and xx released this computer image of how April would look now, aged 34

Sobbing, she told the Washington Post:
“She came over next to me at some point and just started talking to me.
“She was being friendly, asking me lots of questions. Like, ‘Where are you going?’ And, ‘How old is your baby?’
“She was nice, you know? Then she was like, ‘Do you mind if I hold her?’ And I was sitting right next to her, right there, so I said okay, and I let her.”
It was then the woman asked to take April to the toilet.
Eleanor added:
“She said: ‘I’ll take her to the bathroom. You look tired.’ And I was sceptical, but I had already said okay, and she had already got up and taken her to the bathroom.
“And then, I don’t know, about 10 minutes later, when she didn’t come back, I started getting nervous.”
Now cops and The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children have released pics of the snatched baby and a computer image of what she could look like now – as a 34-year-old woman, in a desperate bid for new information.
The suspect, who could also go by Rene or Rene Latoya, was described as a young black female with a slim build, about 5 ft 3 inches tall with spots on her face.

Detectives said the suspect also had her ears pierced with two holes in each ear.
April had a notable birthmark on the top of her left wrist in a straight line.
On the day she was snatched – April was bundled in a pink-and-white snowsuit.


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