Cheating Nigerian husband beats up sister for confronting him

Ifenyinwa Loveth Latti’s brother brought a strange lady into his home and took her to his matrimonial bed.

This is definitely not the best of times for a certain Nigerian lady who thought giving her opinion on her brother’s adulterous habit would make him turn a new leaf, because she got the beating of her life instead.
Nigerian Facebook user, Ifeyinwa Loveth Latti, was assaulted by her cheating brother and she took to the social media platform to reveal what led to the showdown.

According to Ifeyinwa, she was beaten up because she stood up against her brother for disrespecting his wife.
He had brought a mysterious lady into his home and took her to his matrimonial bed. The strange lady was even reported to have worn clothes belonging to the brother’s wife.

Ifeyinwa confronted her brother, he wouldn’t take any of it and she got beaten instead. The confused lady is now online seeking people’s opinion on whether she had made the right or wrong decision
What do you think? See her post below: 
“My brother brought in a woman in his matrimonial home and also gave her his wife’s clothes to put on and I reacted when I saw this, and he started beating me.
Did I do wrong by asking him to respect his wife and his matrimonial home?”
Cheating husband beats up sister for confronting him lailasnews 1
This drama is coming after another Facebook user, Jane Onyinyechi Ikenna, took to Facebook to call out her husband’s side chic, whose name was given as Cynthia Chizzy Diochi. Jane accused Cynthia of allegedly turning her husband away from the family after they met.
According to the aggrieved mother of 4 who shared photos of her husband’s side chic on Facebook, her husband has stopped loving their children ever since the relationship started. He has also refused to pay for their triplet’s school fees whose school reopened yesterday.
Do you think Ifenyinwa deserved the beating she got?


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